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  • 13,2x99

    Model13,2 mm granat m/44
    Projectile form
    Projectile weight46,75 Gram
    Projectile material
    Projectile typeAPI
    Colour markingsOrange tip
    V0 mps
    V0 fps-
    Propellant weight Gram
    Propellant weight Grain-
    The grenade m/44 is maybe the last development in Europe for this calibre before the market were flooded with 12,7x99 ammunition after the end of WWII. This construction is developed and manufactured in Sweden.
    This projectile made a combination of the two earlier separate functions, AP and explosive with a add on of incendiary functionality. The only thing I find a bit strange as it is a air force ammunition, is that a tracer function was not included. A tracer projectile were in development in 1944, but were named slövn prj m/44, e.g. a tracer training projectile.

    The construction of the grenade are strongly influenced, and are mainly a scaled up copy of the 8x63 incendiary projectile. The form of the core and the setup internally see just minor differences, showing in three places:
    #1 The striker (Tändspets) found in the tip of the mantle giving the characteristic look of the tip, is not found in the 8x63 projectile.
    # 7 The filler (Täckmassa) at the rear of the core. The function is unknown.
    # 3 The explosive/incendiary combined compound.

    A great thanks to Blockhaj for the picture of the interior created by him for amkat.se

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