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  • 13,2x99

    Model13,2 mm blindpatr m/40
    Projectile form
    Projectile weight
    Projectile material
    Projectile typeInert
    Colour markingsGreen projectile
    V0 mps
    V0 fps-
    Propellant weight Gram
    Propellant weight Grain-
    The primer pocket is open, while the flash hole is not drilled. The projectile is a re-used AP m/40, and the black paint is covered with green paint.
    The case has a two band "knurl" in the middle of the case to identify it as a blind cartridge, together with the green paint on the projectile.

    The cartridge is manufactured by KE, KOCKUMS EMALJVERK in Ronneby, 1942.

    Courtecy collector Conny of Sweden.

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    The Swedish military ammunition site

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