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  • 7,5Nagant

    IDnumber: 344

    It seems like a change of century came quick. Just compare this box from 1899 to the next from 1901 and you will find the change in font, from this old type to a more modern in the label of 1901.

    Courtesy Finn of Norway for the pictures.

    IDnumber: 212

    This is a unusual box of 7,5 mm Nagant blanks, manufactured at the Marieberg factory at 1901.

    IDnumber: 152

    This box contains 50 pcs of star crimped blank ammo intended for the use in the m/87 revolver. The ammunition is for the use of dog training. As there is no blank fire device for the revolver, there is a regulation of use printed on the box saying "pointed fire may not be given against living targets on a distance closer than 5 meters".

    Thank you Colt for this image.

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    The Swedish military ammunition site

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