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  • 5,56x45

    IDnumber: 199

    This box of 20 PCS is intended for the FFV890 rifle used in trials in the late 1970 beginning 1980. This box is manufactured by the Karlsborg factory in 1979.

    IDnumber: 146

    This label of the box is the first type, with the broad border and the printed code for factory and date. The code is later on punched into the cardboard. This box is manufactured in 1981 by the Karlsborg factory.

    From Rude of Åtvidabergs collection

    From Rude of Åtvidabergs collection

    IDnumber: 336

    This box of ammunition comes from a secured source as of been used inthe trials of the to be AK5. The box contains 60 PCS of 5,56x45 ammunition with SS109 projectiles.

    IDnumber: 25

    This is a standard box of 25pcs of ball ammunition manufactured by Karlsborg ammunition factory in 1985. At this time the AK5 was still not finalized, still under trial and development.

    IDnumber: 145

    This box contains 20 PCS of the more environment friendly model B ammunition. It is manufactured by the Karlsborg factory in 1997.

    From Rude of Åtvidaberg collection

    IDnumber: 304

    This is maybe how a correct Swedish box should be labeled and visually designed for the future. The text is in Swedish, and the image of the cartridge is also typical for Sweden. It has two graphical images added not seen before, and it is the NATO circle/cross and the NATO symbol for ammunition showing the ammunition to be on stripper clips.
    The ammunition is manufactured by code 633, AB Girait?s ginkluot?s gamykla (GGG), Lithuania in 2010.

    IDnumber: 349

    A box produced 2017 by factory 672, MEN Germany. It contains the 5,56 Rev 5B ammunition, considered more environmental friendly than a standard ball ammunition. The projectile is led free and has a core of soft steel. The ammunition is only for trainings.

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