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  • 7,5Nagant

    IDnumber: 148

    This box is of French or maybe of a Belgian production, anyone who knows? No year or factory anywhere on the box.

    From AJ collection

    IDnumber: 74

    This box is produced by SMF, France. There is no indication of the age of production.

    From Private Collector

    IDnumber: 76

    This is another type of the imported ELEY ammunition from a early production. This box should have a date of manufacturing at the bottom of the label, but that part is scraped off.
    This box is produced for Norway and Sweden in a joint venture.
    Thanks to private collector for the image.

    IDnumber: 78

    This is a box of imported ammunition from ELEY in London, UK. It is difficult to say a precise production year for this box, but I would guess for about 1890 something. Please correct me if you know.
    Thanks to Private collector for this image.

    IDnumber: 90

    This box is imported from Germany. There is no factory specified on the box, one can only guess when and were it was produced.

    From Rude of Ă…tvidaberg's collection.

    IDnumber: 147

    This is a very early box of 7,5mm Nagant ammunition, produced in 1893 from an unknown manufacturer.

    IDnumber: 16

    The box label reads:
    7,5 mm. Live
    Revolver cartridges
    Manufactured in Marieberg ammunition factory in 1909.

    IDnumber: 346

    This paper wrap containing 250 rounds of ammunition, divided to 10 boxes of 25 rounds. The package is produced by Geco.

    Courtesy Gustav T. collection

    IDnumber: 89

    Ammunition has always been imported, like this box of 7,5 mm Nagant ammunition manufactured by GECO in Germany. There is no manufacturing date or year so I cannot surely say when it is produced.
    The box has a blue stamp telling that this box have been re-packed or checked at the Karlsborg ammunition factory at 6 February 1947.

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