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  • 6,5x55

    IDnumber: 283

    Another lovely odd box. It contains 85 pcs of 6,5x55 tracers with reduced charges. It states the time to 300 meters as 1 second. The printing is a bit to weak to see the year of production.

    Courtesy Rude of Åtvidaberg Collection

    IDnumber: 269

    This box of 6,5x55 ogival tracers is manufactured by ammunition factory of Karlsborg in 24/5 1938. The most interesting part is the added text that translates as "the trajectory time match the ball projectile until 400 meter". I do not know if there is a differently loaded ammunition in the box or if the text is just explaining facts. This is the only box I have found with this text on.

    IDnumber: 108

    This is a late box of red marked m/39 tracer projectile, produced before the change to the white tip color. This box is produced by the Karlsborg factory in 1941.

    From Rude of Åtvidaberg collection

    IDnumber: 55

    This is a box of 10pcs Tracer rounds with prj m/39. It is manufactured in 1942 in the Karlsborg factory.

    IDnumber: 339

    This is a larger box of 85 rounds, a top lid model. translation of as follows:
    85 PCS
    6,5 mm live tracer cartridge m/94-39
    Ammunition factory K(arlsborg) p 5/(19)42

    The same V0 and the same trajectory time up to 400 meters as for the 6,5 mm ball cartridge m/94.
    The box is intended to be used for filling MG belts with a mix of ball and tracers to have the same flight/Trajectory upto 400 meters.

    The image is by courtecy by a Gentleman in Norway, arranged by R.G. of Norway.

    IDnumber: 236

    This box of 6,5x55 tracers are manufactured in the Karlsborg in 1945. A thing that is a bit odd is actually that the cartridge image is showing a 8x63 tracer. A simple mistake, not noticed by many.

    From Rude of Åtvidaberg collection.

    IDnumber: 238

    Normally, all 6,5x55 in boxes of 10 pieses is with loading clips to be used with the Mauser rifle. This box is without clips (stated on the label). I am not certain, but my best guess is that this box is intended to be packed together with machine gun belted ammunition, one pack of 10pcs tracer ammunition per box of 250 pcs of belted 6,5x55 ammunition.
    This ammunition is produced 1955 by
    Karlsborg Ammunitions fabrik.

    From Rude of Åtvidaberg collection

    IDnumber: 51

    This box of tracer ammunition is from 1959 and contains the newer white tipped torpedo projectile.

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    The Swedish military ammunition site

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