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  • 7,62x51

    IDnumber: 233

    This is from a pre series production. It is manufactured by Karlsborgs ammunitions fabrik in 1960. The AK4, the first rifle in Sweden using this ammunition was introduced in 1964.

    From LYEs collection.

    IDnumber: 332

    This might maybe look "civilian", but it is a box of 20 PCS 308 Win ammunition loaded by FFV Norma. It is used for the SMI, Svensk Militär Idrott, Swedish Military Competition. The projectiles is of the type Sierra Hollowpoint 168 gr and cannot then be used for wartime. It is purely for competeing with.
    It is difficult to pinpoint the year of production, but to my understanding, the name FFV NORMA AB were used between 1979 and 1990.

    IDnumber: 164

    This is a box of ammunition mounted on stripper clips and is packed in a box of 20 PCS. This ammunition is intended for the Pvpj 1110 (Pansarvärnspjäs 1110) (90 mm recoiless Gun), were a spotter rifle in 7,62x51 is mounted in parallel with the main guns barrel.

    This ammunition is produced by the Karlsborg factory in 1965

    IDnumber: 101

    This is a box of 20pcs of 7,62x51 ammunition manufactured in Imported from Hirtenberger, Austria, in 1970.

    From Rude of Åtvidaberg collection.

    IDnumber: 142

    This is the standard box of 7,62x51 ball ammunition. There is only one other type to be found, the one with loading frames. I have not found any real differences in the design of this box since 1962.
    This box is produced by Karlsborg ammunition factory in 1971.
    From Rude of Åtvidaberg collection.

    IDnumber: 63

    This label comes from the internal carton of metal linked 7,62x51 ammunition. The ammunition is produced 1976 by Karlsborg Ammunitions fabrik.
    The text reads out:
    250 PCS
    7,62 mm ball cartridge (m/)10

    IDnumber: 328

    The 7,62x51 PRICK ammunition is delivered in boxes of 20 rounds. The label follows the Swedish standard, but the box itself is of a different format than usual. It does not matter as this is a really exclusive ammunition handed out only to snipers.

    The box is marked "May only be used in the PSG90 rifle".

    Inside you will find a drawer for two rows of ammunition, made of carton.

    This box is produced in 1999, but boxes produced in the year 2000 do also exist.

    Courtecy Morten Stoen

    IDnumber: 294

    The import of ammunition has normally ended up with a box of Swedish design. This box of 7,62x51 ball amunition is a exception, and also the bottom stamp of the cartridge is "MEN". The ammunition is of "B" specification so the projectile is led free and the cartridge is of a more environmental friendly design.
    The ammunition is delivered from the company MEN in Germany.
    One "wonderful" thing with the box is the warning in German were maybe Google translate has been used. The German word "Wurfstucke" is translated to "kaststycke", close to "throw pieces". I think they mean "rikoschett", a ricochet as noone I know of in Sweden would use the word "kaststycke" without the need of an further explanation.

    IDnumber: 351

    I am not fully sure that this bow is specified. It is a box of 20 PCS of short range ammunition produced in 2004. The specifications is unclear, but might be the Nammo produced "7.62 mm x51 Ball Non Toxic 6 Reduced Range". It has a projectile weighting 6,2 grams with a muzzle velocity of 880 m/s. It has the same performance as a NATO Ball up to a distance of 200 meters. It has a DMax of 1500 meters, to compare to a full patch of 4300 meters.

    IDnumber: 313

    The B prj is of the newer environmental friendlier specification. The projectile has a core of steel instead of lead. The powder and primer is also altered, while the specs is fully the same as the standard ammunition. The designation for the "B" ammunition is
    7,62/10B STKPRJ.
    This box is produced by Karlsborgs ammunitions fabrik in 2009.

    Courtecy Rude of Åtvidaberg Collection.

    IDnumber: 263

    Here is a interesting new box of 7,62x51, produced by factory 633, from the factory GGG, AB GIRAIT?S GINKLUOT?S GAMYKLA in Lithuania, produced 2013. The cases has the factory stamped as GGG, so not following the Swedish standard. The few comments I have seen states it to be a ammunition of good accuracy.

    Courtesy Amf 30 collection

    IDnumber: 343

    The LR, Long Range ammunition were intended only for the PSG 90 sniper system. The ammunition is of match grade accuracy. The ammunition is produced by Karlsborg ammunition factory in 2013.
    The ammunition has a 10,9 grams projectile, 168 grains. The velocity is specified to 805 m/s, and delivers an accuracy of 1 MOA.

    Copyright © 2000 Chris
    The Swedish military ammunition site

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