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    More than 200 different objects is shown here right now, and I have some 200 more to show you so far. Everything takes time and I'll try to use the little spare time I have to add one object a week. 

    2023-03-28 Time for a nice and early box of 5,56x45 blank ammunition from 1982.
    2023-03-21 After a break for a while now I will try to kickstart this a bit again starting out with a really nice package of 250 rounds 7,5 mm Nagant. Enjoy!
    2020-11-10 Finn of Norway gave me a nice push with this 7,5 mm Nagant box of blank ammunition from 1899. I will try to get back on track with updates again, rest of life has called for attention.
    2020-09-29 Filling up with the tracer for 12,7x81SR
    2020-09-22 This cartridge were quite unknown to me until lately. The 12,7x81SR were on active service for around 5 years, in the time of WWII. Read and enjoy!
    2020-09-15 To close the "book" for now on 13,2x99 I have to serv you the in country developed and produced AP Grenade, the gr m/44. I hope to be back one day with more of the imported types, but for now I have all the main types listed at least.
    2020-09-08 I'll continue on the 13,2x99 track, and I am lucky to be able to add the inert round to the setup after trtreiving a perfect picture from the collector Conny. Now I only have one more cartridge to add, one from the commonly known types of 13,2.
    2020-09-08 Continuing on the 13,2x99 track I managed to find a Inert round m/40.
    2020-09-01 Filling on with a second 13,2x99, the 13,2 mm sk ptr m/39 slsgr m/39 BLINT.
    2020-08-25 Sometimes intrest is gettin a bit spread. Now I have once more fallen back to 13,2x99 for aircrafts. The latest add on is the HE tracer from 1940.